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10 Little-Known Gardening Laws

Our list covers everything from common issues like:

  • Overhanging branches
  • Boundary disputes
  • Blocking sunlight
  • What to do with fallen fruit

But we’ll also get into some weird and wonderful laws you might be breaking! So, gardeners, we’ll forgive you if you didn’t know about some of these laws – they can be a bit counter-intuitive!

For example, who knew that you could cut back tree branches that overhang into your garden, as long as you don’t go past the boundary line?

More on that further down! 

1. Trimming overhanging branches

Like we say, if a tree’s branches overhang into your property from your neighbour’s garden, you can trim them. But, you can only cut them back up to your property line.

This means that you also can’t lean over into your neighbour’s garden to do this. So if you’ve been doing either of those – technically, you’ve been trespassing!

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