bald man painting a shed

How to Paint a Wooden Shed

How do you keep your wooden shed looking its best after going through constant throes of British weather every year? The scorching heat, heavy rainfall, strong winds, and even snowfall. Day in, day out. Like any other building structure, garden sheds go through a lot battling the UK’s weather events. The outcome? Constant wear and…

'May Day Weekend' gardening and shed idea on a red arrow with garden buildings direct logo pointing at cartoon flowers and a trowel in soil

May Day Weekend Gardening and Shed Ideas

What three words does everybody want to hear? If you answered, ‘I love you’ – sadly, you’re wrong! The correct answer is in fact: Bank. Holiday. Weekend.  And with May Day weekend upon us and the good weather finally here (fingers crossed) it’s time to get back out to the shed. We’re brimming with spring…