Enhance the Look of Your Log Cabin Home with These Design Ideas

Your lovely log cabin home—and we all know that a planning permission is required to transform it into one—has been your perfect relaxing place to go to for quite some time. With the innate appealing character of log cabins, with a BillyOh log cabin as the prime example, you are sure that you are provided with a welcoming feel throughout your stay. Most log home cottages have lodges that are intricately designed to make staying in them worthwhile, not to mention the many fun and stress-relieving weekend break activities.

But even the most neatly-arranged cabin could soon look commonplace and thus, less exciting to stay in. The simplicity and allure of the tiny house loses its charm to customary wooden furniture and stuff found inside your home.

While a cabin can become uninterestingly familiar, a little creativity and smart tweaks can re-create it into a different level of home space especially now that log homes are starting to become popular.

Play with patterns

Neutral tones can be a bit, well, neutral to taste and feel. Pep up a room with patterns or ornate designs that add a bit of liveliness.

Photo credit:Cut To Pieces via Visual Hunt/CC BY

Go for earthy colours

Amplify the rustic feel of your building with dark shades of brown, grey, and green. A room accented with earthy palette creates an unbroken environmental feel in and out of a house. Traditionally, British timber homes or log buildings in Ireland and some parts of Europe sport this design as this proves to be the most appealing and closest to home.

Photo credit:Nature form furniture via Visual Hunt/CC BY

Decorate with antiques

There’s no question about vintage items being a remarkable statement piece. And quite interestingly, even one antique piece can do a lot of tricks to enhance the charm of a cabin.

Photo credit:Sherlock77 via Visual Hunt/CC BY

Hang wall with art

Hanging a gallery of wall art or pictures is a classic way to make a room polished. You may even opt for contemporary frames to provide a sharp contrast to the log walls.

Photo credit:Bruno Girin via Visual Hunt/CC BY

Install mirrors

Apart from creating an illusion of wider space, tactically-placed mirrors help bounce light around the room and thus provide more brightness and air inside the cabin.

Photo credit:Didriks via Visual Hunt/CC BY

Indoor Plants

Nothing beats the warm feel of greenery inside a room. Even a small-spaced cabin will look fresh and clean. But what we don’t normally realise is that plants are natural air filters, making a place healthier to live in.

Potted plants are a great idea for when you’d like to give your kitchen a makeover.

Photo credit:Jaro Larnos via Visual Hunt/CC BY

Have fun but never overdo with decorating your home. Always strive to balance your space with the right materials. Remember that your goal is to enhance the characteristic feel of a log home, not turn it into something else.