A Guide to Choosing the Perfect Log Cabin Holiday

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It is easy to get stressed out or run out of steam if you spend most of your time-even the moments you should use for zoning out or having fun-working on your office duties day in and day out.

While making both ends meet is fundamentally essential, it is, however, necessary to cut a portion of your precious time and spend it on things that give you the peace and quiet you deserve even just for a short while.

Go and give yourself a break! And take your family and loved ones with you.

So, what makes a great weekend break? The options are limitless. Canoeing, river or sea fishing, water sports, and an awful lot of other fun activities you and your family can enjoy.

These will work out well if you are the adventurous type.

But since the reason you intend to spend some time away from work is you’d want to unwind and ultimately get that much needed rest, then consider going for the softer and less strenuous holiday breaks.

Log cabin holidays may not be the most popular holiday destination but given the practicality, convenience, and the relaxation you’d get out of laying flat on your back the whole day with some fun activities to go along with it, you ’d definitely consider giving it a try.

It is said that log cabins were first used in Europe , and believed to have been introduced to Americans by Scandinavians. Nowadays, these structures are widely used primarily in the UK.

From rustic buildings to contemporary ones such as the popular BillyOh log cabins, these buildings can be utilised in a great deal of ways-office, DIY area, a retreat, or a summer house.

If planned to be used as a dwelling place, the owners are required to secure a planning permission indicating what the intended use of the building is, along with other legal documents.

There are quite a few log home, and lodge vacations in the UK as well as log cabins in Ireland and choosing which one to have becomes much easier if you pore over these considerations:


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As with any holidays or vacations you plan to have, it is imperative that you take the time to check on your finances. Unless money isn’t a problem at all then you may well skip this. Else, you need to ask yourself this question: How much of your budget are you willing to expend? Being able to determine the answer to this is tantamount to creating a carefully-planned break (you wouldn’t want to go on a vacation stressing over breaking your wallet, would you?).

Aside from the venue itself, you also need to consider transportation costs and other expenses that may arise during the whole vacation.

Ultimately, your goal is to have the perfect holiday without ever punching a gaping hole in your pocket.

Location and Activities

The location of the lodge is another consideration when planning out a stress-free holiday. Is it a bit far from where you live? Is the travel time a stressor in itself? Are you willing to go a little farther than usual? If you answered yes to these, then well and good. Otherwise, you might want to consider taking the one that’s nearest to your place, besides the fact that transportation expenses go up as the location gets farther.

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There are a lot of options you can choose from in terms of the weekend break activities you can try.

There are a number of budget holidays in the UK that provide the same amount of fun and relaxation more expensive cottages offer. Some packages come with amenities such as parks, swimming pools, sports centres, massage stations, and al fresco dining. You also have to take note of the overall design and look of the place to determine if it’ll help you have an enjoyable and visually-stimulating stay. Who knows, after the holiday, you might want to have your own log home makeover. If that’s the case, then you need to check these fancy design ideas.

Consider those that offer activities that pique your interest. Your primary goal is to have fun and choosing an activity that doesn’t quite tickle your fancy makes everything a little naff.

Length and Schedule of Vacation

Laying out your budget plan for the vacation includes identifying the length of your stay in the lodge. It goes without saying that the longer you stay, the higher your expenses go up. Consider getting packages especially during an offseason.

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It is highly suggested that you come up with a list of possible destinations and compare the prices vis-a-vis with the length of stay. Some lodges offer lower prices for longer check-ins. Take advantage of these if you are planning to have a holiday that’s a little longer than a 2-day stay. Usually, weekend breaks are charged at a higher price than those taken during the week.

Vacation Starter Kit

Holiday Location. Check. Schedule. Check. But hold your horses for a little longer, mate. You’re not quite ready to go full throttle until you have prepared your holiday pack.

For this type of vacation where the usual amenities include fishing, hiking, or bird watching, bringing hiking and fishing gears is recommended. Opt for more comfortable clothes with a piece of fancier wardrobe if the package includes special dinners.

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But at the end of the day, all that matters is where you are comfortable in and what activities and amenities the lodge has. Be sure to familiarise yourself with what the lodge offers so you’ll know what to prepare. For what it’s worth, you may end up choosing a log dwelling place over a conventional home.

For good measure, bring extra clothes. You’ll never know when the next splash of pond water will hit you. And oh, a camera to capture those special moments!