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  • It’s all too easy to get bogged down over the idea that it’s nearly impossible to renovate your garden on a budget. But that notion is false. Take a step back, calm down, and focus on small, actionable steps. This’ll provide you with a concrete foundation and have you moving quickly in no time.

    Can’t afford heavy equipment? Then stick to small gardening tools or your own bare hands. Besides, you’ll reap the calming benefits of gardening even more if you get your own hands dirty.

    If your garden itself is small, then similarly, don’t worry. There are several tricks to make it appear bigger than it really is.

    At the end of the day, it’s all about making the garden your own.

    2. Make Your Own Compost


    There are many ways you can repurpose or upcycle old household items for garden use.

    When it comes to plants pots, you can get creative by recycling pots and tins you have at home instead of buying new ones.

    In situations like this, it’s about being efficient with what you have at your disposal. If you happen to break an ornament, using the shards, especially of clay pots, can make for great plant markers. That old wooden chair or dressing table stored away in your shed would make a unique planter too.

    4. Start Your Seeds


    Save on your household bills by collecting and reusing water. You can use old cooking water, dishwater, or even rainwater to sprinkle on your plants.

    This way, you won’t be wasting any clean water that you would instead use for bathing, drinking, or washing. Be sure to properly filter and store the water you harvest to avoid discolouration or algal growth.

    6. Paint Your Fences & Tiles


    String lights: small, inexpensive, modern and fashionable. Lighting is a cheap and easy way to liven up your lawn. Pick out solar-powered fairy lights if you can, so you won’t have to worry about sky-rocketing your electricity bill, and hang them between trees or fences.

    If you fancy spending even less, recycle old tin cans by piercing holes in them using a hammer and a nail and placing tea lights inside to create beautiful night-time lanterns.


    There are many ways to transform your garden from drab to fab without getting your wallet out. Just let your creative juices flow, and you can give your garden the makeover it deserves!