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  • Glen’s is the first to make our list of best interiors. There’s an adorable mix of decor which has been chosen for this wooden shed. It’s also matched by a set of comfy sofas and statement throw pillows. Glen’s leisure room is proof that your humble shed can be transformed into a cosy garden retreat!

    Number 14: Simon’s Garden Office

    shed interior with woman sat at table surrounded by chairs

    Brenda loves hosting parties in her summer house and we can see why. The shed is decorated with shed interior with l-shaped sofa and cushions

    A spa in the middle of a garden! Lisa and Paul really know how to indulge themselves and their guests. We bet that the soft couch and pillows, scented candles, and essential oils have already have done a great job of pampering the lucky owners and guests.

    Number 10: Contemporary Shed

    white and airy shed interior with table, bunting and reclining chair

    Jacky, Jim, and Zoe have created for themselves a breezy living space out of a garden shed. Look how they blend country-inspired table sets and home accessories with modern twin recliners. Neutral shades and bunting have really brought this airy shed to life.

    Simplicity and symmetry really bring out the best of this creative interior.

    Number 8: Ray’s Rustic Shed

    shed interior with animal pelts and dartboard on the wall and small corner bar

    This shed has become a lodge and garden bar for the boys. Mick has a distinct and wild taste when it comes to hobbies as shown in his shed interior. This bachelor shed has everything you need for a wild night in, including a bar and comfy sofa to relax on! It reminds us of another bloke who turned his shed into a barWe see a trend forming!

    Number 6: Steve’s Cosy Log Cabin

    apex summerhouse painted teal with purple doors

    Next up is Gwyneth’s attractive little shed! We’re getting a bit of a seaside vibe from this pretty little summerhouse. With a table and chairs facing outwards into the garden, she’ll be able to admire the very best of what nature has to offer.

    Number 4: Michelle’s Football-themed Shed

    Peter Breslin 744x555 The Top 7 Garden Shed Interiors You Need To See!

    From a lad’s pad, we turn to a girly room. Peter’s shed seems like a daughters’ haven. Pink cushions and blankets galore adorn the wicker armchairs, whilst a make-up box and stereo complete this disco-themed shed.

    Number 2: Jane’s Beach Hut

    shed interior with white table and chair

    Catharine’s log cabin office has an amazing interior. We literally did a double-take on seeing her photo – you could easily be forgiven for mistaking her shed for a contemporary office space. The stylish furniture, white-washed walls, and quirky hanging swing make the shed a perfect office space for any garden. 

    And there we have it. Let us know what you think of the DIY designs in this article. Better yet, why not comment a link to your own garden shed, or get in touch on social media to feature on our next round up? We’d love to see how you’ve decorated yours.

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