The new BillyOh Switch Apex shed.

It’s our most adaptable shed ever. Effectively, you can design it yourself, with windows and doors that can be placed on whichever side suits you best. This means that it’s great for any garden and any location – and you won’t be hindered by bushes, buildings or lack of space.

Think about it. Maybe you have a spare crevice for a shed between your house’s side wall and your garden fence. But you’d only be able to access it with the door on the short side – also known as the gable end. That’s where the Switch comes in; opt for the windowless version, and then place your doors exactly where you need them to be.

The Switch Apex features a traditional apex roof. It’s taller than it’s sister shed the Pent, with the ridge (the inside peak in the middle of the shed) measuring in at a gigantic 7’8” tall. No problems fitting in any tall family members inside – and no need to crouch either!

The apex roof is sloped on a steeper gradient than the pent. This allows for quicker water drainage. As with the Pent version, the Apex is also available with guttering for £79, if you want to make doubly sure that the rain stays away (or maybe you want to collect it!).

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