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  • One of the cost-effective storage solutions that people tend to overlook is the benefit of empty jars and containers. To transform your garage into a neat clutter-free one, you can repurpose your empty jars and container collection into organisers for your nails and screws.

    Clear jars would be a great option to easily identify what’s inside and to make certain of how much more is left. This trick will help you determine how much and when to refill your stocks.

    2. Tin Can Tool Organiser

    Five Clever Garage Storage Ideas for a Clutter-Free Garage
    Photo: redouxinteriors.com

    Another way to save up your money is to repurpose your old furniture such as an old cupboard or even library-catalogue-card drawers. In this way, you will not just declutter your home, but you will also give your garage extra storage.

    Well, who would have thought that the old cupboard you want to dispose of can be such a great alternative in organizing your garage? Sometimes, you don’t have to buy and get a new one. Look around your house and you might see an old one that you can repurpose.

    4. Use Baskets to Keep Runways Clear

    Five Clever Garage Storage Ideas for a Clutter-Free Garage

    Photo: hometalk.com

    If you’re that kind of person who has tons of garden and construction tools in your garage, then you might want to consider this one. This DIY portable storage caddy will help you organise your tools and it will be much easier for you to move around.

    This DIY idea is perfect for those homeowners who have a small garage space. We hope these DIY garage storage ideas will help you achieve that clutter-free garage that you’ve been dreaming of.