Don’t be fooled by the size. Although it isn’t the largest spider you’ll see in your garden shed, they are by far the most venomous! Female false widows are known to of bitten humans, but they aren’t usually aggressive and attacks are rare.

Appearance: A Glossy brown bulbous body of 10mm and a leg span of up to 35mm. The legs are a dark, orangey-brown colour which is different from the shiny black of a true widow spider. Spot the cream patterning on top of the body, which looks like a skull design.

Behaviour: False widows like environments where they aren’t likely to be disturbed and are often seen in garden sheds or outbuildings. They are nocturnal and will be hidden behind a shovel or under a windowsill in the day. They also prefer south-facing walls as they are warmer. At night, you’ll catch them upside down hanging from their web.

2. Giant House Spider


This tiny spider is not to be underestimated, they can produce a bite and also leap into the air! They will spot them most in autumn where they can be found on garden building walls and in garden sheds. 

Appearance: Zebra jumping spiders have distinctive black and white markings and are the small size of just 8mm. Although they don’t look as frightening as some of the spiders on this list, they do bite!

Behaviour: These tiny spiders can give a painful nip, although they aren’t aggressive and the venom isn’t medically threatening. They are also more likely to run away in the presence of humans than they are to bite so you needn’t be too worried. 

You’re guaranteed to see some of these scary spiders this autumn but don’t fear! The majority of spiders in the UK are completely harmless and look a lot more terrifying than they actually are. If you use your shed often or have you own garden workshop or studio, you can also spider proof your shed to keep them out!