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  • If you own a playhouse, proper maintenance is vital to keep the building structure secured against the unpredictable UK weather, especially rain and wind which can cause the wood to split and crack if untreated. Let alone the damaging UV rays that can cause timber to grey over time.

    The best way to guarantee that your playhouse will look better and last longer is to treat it with wood preservative yearly. By doing so, it will secure your garden building against wood rot, insects, and the harsh elements.

    Garden Buildings Direct has talked about the different kinds of treatments you can do for your garden building — from staining, wood preservatives to pressure treatment and finish coatings.

    2. General Maintenance

    Playhouse Aftercare

    Even if your child’s playhouse isn’t in use, make sure to look after it, especially throughout the colder months. Ventilation is vital to prevent and remove excess moisture from the air inside the playhouse.

    When the building isn’t in use during the winter months, ensure that the building is ventilated to keep the air flowing inside. So when the summertime starts rolling around, your children’s outdoor play area is ready for use.

    Our experts also recommend not to store any soft toys, e.g. stuffed animals, inside the playhouse during wintertime as they will be exposed to moisture and could be affected by the damp air. 

    4. Avoid Any Contact in Your Playhouse

    Playhouse Aftercare

    There are so many ways to make your children’s playhouse more homely and colourful looking, and one of them is decorating and accessorising it with the things they love. How you wish to decorate your playhouse is ultimately determined by your own preferences, as well as the type of playhouse you have. A tower playhouse, such as the Bunny Max Tower Playhouse, offers huge scope for unique design.

    With a bit of care and attention, you can provide your children with a place where their imaginations can grow throughout the years! Make sure to keep these helpful aftercare for playhouse tips in mind, so that your little ones can make the most out of it!