The new BillyOh Switch Apex shed.

The actual definition of the word apex is ‘the top or highest part of something, especially one forming a point’. Technically, then, an ‘apex roof’ is a misnomer; it doesn’t actually make sense. All roofs have an ‘apex’ – the highest point. You could similarly use the word ‘apex’ to describe the top of a mountain (‘we reached the apex’) or a graph (‘at the apex of the curve’).

In the world of sheds, though, it’s come to be used to describe a roof with two sloping sides. These two sides meet at an apex point in the middle, with the ridge running lengthways across the top of the building. An apex shed has two flat gables at either end (known as the gable ends). You could also refer to them as the front and back of the building. On an apex shed, the door is placed on one of the gable ends.

At Garden Buildings Direct, we also stock reverse apex buildings. Don’t worry! Reverse apex sheds are made in exactly the same way as apex sheds. It’s just that the door is placed on the long end on a reverse apex.

Pent sheds

switch pent shed
On the Switch buildings, you can choose to put the doors on the gable ends or on the sides.

Whether apex or pent, the Switch is fully customisable. The main attraction of this is that you get to decide exactly where to put the doors. They can go on either side of the long walls or on either gable end – meaning that wherever you think it would suit your garden best, you can slot it in, easily.

If you’re squeezing it into a tight space with boundaries on either side, doors on the gable end are ideal. Or, if you want the long end on show, stick the doors on either side. It really is completely up to you.

The Pent version of the Switch starts at £649 and the Apex version at £699. Purchase of either building includes pressure treatment, which increasing longevity and ensures you don’t have to treat your building annually with wood preservative.

Both are available in three sizes: 8×6, 12×6 and 16×6 and come with the floor, roof, felt and all the fixtures and fittings you’ll need included in the price too, making these prices an incredible deal.

Shop the Switch Apex here or the Switch Pent here right now and have either delivered to your doorstep within seven working days!*

*subject to postcode.