Paint vs Wood Stain

Paints can add a bold and more dramatic look, whereas stains provide a complimentary warm, rustic and natural finish. Both can give you great results, but they have their own unique properties and differences.

The main distinction between the two is that paint sits on top of the surface, while stain seeps into the surface. Paint also needs to be painted onto a primed surface first, while stain doesn’t.

Additionally, paint takes more time to apply and usually needs several coats. Unlike stains, which are easier to apply and often don’t need more than one coat.

Paints do the cover-up while stains do the enhancing part. If both are applied as a finish, you can expect a shed with an increased aesthetic value and a stronger surface that can withstand the test of time.

Top tip: Most wooden paint colours and stains have been developed to brighten up and protect garden buildings. Opt for high-quality ones with last up to five years.

wood panels painted with cracking green paint

Check the weather

Let’s say your shed is all dry and clean and ready for painting. But it starts to rain out of nowhere! You weren’t expecting it, or maybe you didn’t double-check the weather forecast. Well, now you’ve got an unpainted, wet shed.

Since the process sort of has to be done outdoors, it’s important to consider the weather. Otherwise, your hard work will all be for nothing.

Try to plan for the best day for painting. Temperatures below 10°C can impact the paint performance and the drying process. Likewise, if the weather is too hot, paint might flake. Additionally, choose a day that isn’t too windy to allow your newly painted shed to dry.

Top tip: Be sure the walls are completely dry after painting. Water droplets, high humidity, and leaks can cause water-filled bubbles on it.

blue timber shed in a clearing on a wooden pallet with a bench on the porch

That’s a Wrap!

In a day, you’ve managed to give your shed a makeover. Pat yourself on the back for your hard labour. And more importantly, take a look at the final outcome. Sit back and enjoy the view.

Hiring a professional can be your other option if you think you can’t do it yourself. Either way, we hope this guide will help you give your garden a facelift and breathe life into your old wooden shed.

Who knows? Your neighbours might ask for your help to paint their shed someday.

And for more shed treatment tips, check out this guide.

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