Where Does National Gardening Week Take Place?

Between Monday, 26th April and Sunday, 2nd May events will be held at RHS gardens including:

  • Harlow Carr
  • Linlathen
  • Warren House
  • Winsley

But you can even hold events yourself! Now that you can have people round to show off your garden and socially distance – why not have an open garden?

Check out the black plastic pots of budding green plants viewed from above

Open your garden for viewing

We said earlier that you could invite people round to show off your green thumbs. After all, one of the best bits of gardening is sharing. Whether that’s sharing something you’ve grown or something you’ve learned.

You could even have a little bucket for charity to try and raise some money in the process. Get out in the good weather and show off your garden or allotment for the day.

And remember for next year, you can even register your event with the RHS if you want to publicise it!

Sell something you’ve grown

If you’ve got an allotment or a little vegetable patch, now’s the perfect time to flog some produce! No – not quite. But you can still check out this article if you want some tips on starting your own vegetable patch.

Still, it can be nice taking your little homegrown harvest along to sell at a local bake sale, for example. Or if not, why not use NGW to try cooking with something you’ve grown?

Even if you’ve only got a little herb patch you could try if you’re after shed gutters. We’ve got you covered there too.

But gutter planting is still a great way to grow quickly and easily whilst having fun. Simply:

  • Get hold of a length of old plastic guttering
  • Fill it with seed compost
  • Space seeds down the length of the guttering and plant them
  • Water and place in a greenhouse
  • Keep watering for 3-5 weeks
  • Harvest fantastic salads throughout the year – great for lettuces!

With a whole week dedicated to gardening and horticulture, there’s loads of time to enjoy your backyard. But for now, we’ve got some top tips for making the most of NGW 2021.

And if you’re still after activity ideas, head over to the RHS to see Shop Garden Storage


National Gardening Week 2021 runs from Monday, April 26th to Sunday, May 2nd. 

The RHS launched the first-ever National Gardening Week (NGW) on Monday, 6th April 2012 in the same year as the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

Gardening has been shown to help with mental health and social anxiety issues. It can also provide light exercise and get you outside. Plus, it can be a fun activity for children and adults alike.

The theme of National Gardening Week 2021 is the feel-good power of plants and gardens. 

National Gardening Week UK is a nationwide event run by the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) between Monday, 26th and Sunday, 2nd May 2021 to raise awareness of gardening and horticulture.