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  • BillyOh Village Hall Log Cabin

    If you are after a premium quality log cabin, you may want to opt for a building with a large log thickness. The Village Hall is one of our large, premium buildings which has a spacious interior and stunning design.

    The log thicknesses are available in up to 70 mm which is perfect for using all year round as a home office or relaxing retreat. This luxury building is the perfect premium cabin for a spacious garden.

    The Seattle Home Office

    The Seattle Home Office is a mid-range log cabin which makes a great home office for any garden.  Available in 28 cm to 44 cm log thickness, it can also be used all year round.

    The reverse apex roof, long windows and ‘L’ shaped design suits any modern or traditional garden setting. This log cabin is also available in a range of sizes so you can find a building which is perfect for your garden.

    The Miller Summer House

    BillyOh Canton Log Cabin
    BillyOh Canton Log Cabin

    BillyOh Metro Log Cabin

    BillyOh Highfield Log Cabin
    BillyOh Highfield Log Cabin