1. Industrial Concept

This style involves incorporating warm and rustic wood tones into your log cabin. Try using darker colours such as navy blue to help emphasize the cosy feel. It’s perfect if you’re looking for a simple way to furnish and redecorate your cabin in traditional designs and establish the most amazing traditional style log cabin. There are two ways to introduce this design into your new cabin.

Firstly, decide if you want to fill your cabin with a brighter stylish look, or if you want to opt for a darker rustic cabin feel. After you’ve made this decision, start to find furniture and accessories that enhance the look you’re going for.

If you’ve landed on the brighter and more stylish look for your log cabin, try finding furniture that has lighter tones to it. Find wood with a brighter feel and add some accessories containing white, like some cushions to place on a new sofa! This will help to exaggerate the brighter look you’re aiming for.

If the rustic style is what you’re going for, try finding furniture with darker tones. Dark blues and dark wood is always a great option when you’re trying to create rustic surroundings. You could also add in some warm-toned string lights to give it that cosy feel.

Sofa, coffee table and plant against a white room corner

3. The Urban Modern Style

This design concept is one of the most popular and is great for those contemporary log cabins. It’s often seen in major cities being incorporated into designer loft spaces. This style gives both a warm and cosy vibe whilst still allowing the atmosphere to seem airy and spacious.

To create this concept, try finding larger pieces of furniture. Lighter tones are best whilst you can enhance the feel with a few items made of light wood or bright wood. When furnishing your log cabin this way, fill the space with cushions and a few blankets but remember not to layer like the bohemian style above.

This style is all about creating a comfortable and homely feel whilst making sure it’s kept up with the minimalist vibe. You could also add in some accent chairs to create a comfortable space for you and your friends or family to hang out in!

Wooden table with cups and flowers in a vase next to a bench in a room with drawn curtains

4. Shabby Chic

The shabby chic look has an antique feel. You’re giving your space a less “perfect” look whilst giving your log cabin character. To create this look, stick to white, cream, dark brown and black. Try to avoid too much colour when accessorising here as this would ruin the atmosphere you’re trying to create.

A great way to bring character into your log cabin is to add in blankets and cushions. Try finding items with a simple pattern that still stays in line with the colour scheme. Find cushions that are mostly cream with a small dark brown colour to create that cosy feel.

Sofa, table and ornaments

5. The Nautical Style

If you’re looking to fill your garden log cabin with a warm and inviting atmosphere, then this style and design concept is perfect for you! The primary colour for this design is blue whilst adding in some white or sand coloured furniture.

This design resembles a beach house style environment, with lots of warm tones and character being added through simple coloured furniture and accessories in your outdoor garden building.

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Use mirrors and paint the walls a bright colour, these will both help reflect and enhance the natural light flowing in.

Start by finding the best style for you, then incorporate all of the furnishings you need into your log cabin to create your perfect space.

There are a few ways to brighten up a dark outdoor building.

  • Add LED lights
  • Paint your walls white
  • Add in bright furniture
  • Find a spot for your log cabin with a source of light naturally coming in

Yes, you can paint the inside of your garden building. You don't have to but it also won't cause any problems to your log cabin.

The perfect way to modernise your log cabin is to introduce the bohemian or urban modern style mentioned above. Keep your log cabin minimalistic and clear whilst adding in some neutral tones.