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    As working from home has become the new normal, many of us are desperately trying to find a quiet and productive space we can call our own. If you’re tired of busy households and makeshift dining room desk setups, a garden office may be for you!

    It could be time to invest in a log cabin! Creating a designated workspace is a great way to increase productivity and inspiration. This can be a great log cabin design idea for those who are considering permanent remote work.

    To do this, add a desk and a comfy office chair to your log cabin in any style you’d like. If you’re looking to create a fully functional garden office, why not ask a professional to install some luxuries! Enjoy electricity ports for your beloved wifi connection and all of your devices. As Winter looms you could also add LED lighting and wall insulation for an office log cabin design that is dream-worthy all year round.

    2. The Perfect Small Business Startup

    log cabin ideas

    If you’re looking for some log cabin ideas that will really get the neighbours talking, then look no further. With your own personalised log cabin tavern situated on your back lawn, there’s no doubt you’d be the talk of the street.

    With pubs closed, worry no more about dreaming of a pint in your local. Bring the booze and banter to your back garden with this next log cabin idea, your own log cabin pub.

    For this quirky approach to log cabin design, simply install one of our BillyOh Garden Bars to any log cabin over 3mx3m and voila, you have your own lockdown local, ideal for storing drinks for a fun night in.

    For an authentic twist, why not take this log cabin design one step further and create the full pup experience. Add rustic and traditional pub furniture such as bar stools with green upholstery. Finish with distressed wood tables topped off with realistic bar mats and the added beer ring of course!

    Top Tip: Use dark colours and warm lighting to create a welcoming atmosphere perfect for any garden pub. 

    4. Your New Lockdown Lounge

    log cabin ideas

    BillyOh Kent Home Office

    Fitness fanatics, we’re calling on you, for this next log cabin idea. If you’re looking for a log cabin design idea that has exercise in mind, why not try a contemporary approach to revamping your log cabin!

    As gyms remain closed, lockdown exercise has become more important than ever. For those who don’t feel like leaving the house for that daily 5k, we have a solution for you! A log cabin gym is one of our favourite log cabin ideas, and it is effortless to put together!

    For this one, we suggest that you invest in a strong log cabin base such as our Ecobase Fastfit Full Base. We would also advise you to purchase a durable log cabin floor which is about 19mm thick. As you lay down heavy gym equipment, rest assured that you’ll be able to exercise intensely and burn those calories in no time!

    Make sure to add all of your favourite gym equipment, and an electrical port to connect some stylish luxuries. Why not invest in a gym tv, or if you’re really pushing the boat out, your own vending machine, packed with healthy snacks and energy drinks. You’ve got to find somewhere to store all of that pre-workout protein powder right?

    For a sleek and modern log cabin gym design, we suggest painting in bright colours to open up your space! Why not finish it off with some large ceiling to floor mirrors for an authentic touch. Your gym will feel enormous!

    6. The Man Cave 

    log cabin ideas

    If you’re looking for a log cabin idea that combines your log cabin design with your outdoor space, then look no further. Why not extend your log cabin idea, and redesign your entire outdoor space. 

    If you like to spend sunny days in your garden, try installing some decking to surround your log cabin, and place rattan garden furniture both inside and out for a fully immersive experience! 

    Add some potted plants to your outdoor decking for a botanical touch and enjoy your wide opening double doors to their full potential as you widen your outdoor living space with long dining tables and an authentic veranda that reminds you of a sunset walk in Tuscany.

    If you want to create an outdoor space all the neighbours will be envious of, why not invest in a hot tub that can be placed in your log cabin or on the new decking, for a staycation worth staying in for!

    Transform Your Log Cabin With Our Log Cabin Ideas

    If you’re itching for a new lockdown project, these log cabin ideas needn’t remain ideas for long. Bring them to life this winter and watch your garden become your favourite spot!