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    It’s not just plants that’ll need help over winter, but compost piles too!

    Any compost heap with:

    • Organic material
    • Old food
    • Shredded leaves
    • Decomposing plants
    • Lawn cuttings

    Will contain soil hardiness map UK

    Soil hardiness zones in the UK

    Bring the Plants Indoors

    Keeping a plant warm in the colder weather is one of the most surefire ways to protect it. Getting all types of plants out of cold snaps and winter winds will improve their survival chances.

    But it needs to be done properly.

    Make sure to dig up and dry out tender, non-hardy bulbs and roots. These include plants like:

    • Cannas
    • Dahlias
    • Gladiolus

    When moving plants inside, check any pots for slugs and snails first. Alternatively, you could take the plants out of their pots and keep them loosely wrapped in newspaper for the duration of winter.

    And remember, plants like Dahlias, Cannas and Geraniums will not need watering whilst in their dormant state.

    When spring comes back around, repot and separate the plants, and for the Geraniums, cut them right back.