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How to Care For Aluminium Gates

Of course, powder-coating aluminium gates will solve most of your troubles. But you’ll still need to treat them right.

Your garden and driveway gates can still play host to insects and bacteria. This means that you’ll still need to clean and care for your aluminium gates. (We’ll explain how to do this in a moment).

Remember that insects and bacteria can both speed up the wear and tear of powder-coating. Also, even the most careful gate owners in the UK are bound to pick up some chips and scratches.

The good news is that aluminium gates are less prone to minor damage than wooden and wrought iron gates. So for scratches, you can always fill them with aluminium paint. Or, you can start by sanding down the offending area then repaint it.

Top tip: Electronic gate openers will reduce the chance of scratches and dents to driveway gates!

How to Treat Aluminium Gates

So earlier we said that aluminium gates and fences are powder-coated. This means that maintaining your aluminium gate should be a doddle.

Yet, you still need to treat things like metal gate hinges and garden gate locks from time to time. And what else would you want to use on an aluminium gate than WD40?

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Aluminium Gates vs Wrought Iron Gates

Which brings us on to the question of – why choose any other gate than an aluminium one? It’s a good question. 

Of course, wrought iron and wooden gates might hold sentimental value. Or they might add to a property’s aesthetic. But when you look at what’s required to maintain these types of gates, you’ll join us on the aluminium side of the fence. 

For example, with a wrought iron gate you’ll need to both wash it and remove rust. Because this is a tough, durable metal you’ll need a wire brush and some elbow grease. You might even need a drill with a brush attachment.

After that, you’ll still need to wash wrought iron gates with white spirit. Then you can use a brush and an emery cloth to smooth its surface. Last but not least, you’ll need to apply metal primer to wrought iron gates and leave it for 24 hours. Only then can you come back and apply fresh paint.

All that just to prevent corrosion. Whereas, aluminium gates are powder-coated at the point of manufacture. So wrought iron gates definitely need more maintenance.

Plus, iron itself doesn’t cope too well with long-term air and water exposure. In turn, this will lead to rust that will cause any paint coating to flake. Rust can also be a nightmare for wrought iron metal gate hinges and moving parts. 

And, if you don’t treat it your gate could rust to the point that it no longer opens! 

Bear in mind that iron is heavier than aluminium. Because of this, an iron gate may also have a high installation and delivery cost. Plus, if you have a sliding driveway gate, it will need a strong motor to move it.

Just consider that against aluminium which comes pre-treated and requires minimal maintenance.

Aluminium Gates vs Wooden Gates

And when it comes to aluminium gates versus wooden gates, there’s a clear winner.

Wooden gates need some of the highest levels of maintenance. This is because wood can contract or expand depending on temperature and the weather.

This means that wooden gates can crack and rot can develop. If not treated right, these problems can put undue pressure on gate motors. This means you’ll have to maintain both gate and motor.

But, of course, wooden gates still have loads of positives. They can offer a rustic look and a design that doesn’t obstruct your view. It’s just that they need a lot of regular maintenance. 

And even with all that maintenance, they’ll still succumb to age and wear a lot sooner than aluminium gates.

Maintaining Aluminium Gates

We hope this guide has helped explain that aluminium gates are super-easy to maintain. That goes for sliding gates, driveway gates, and even garden gates.

This is because all our BillyOh aluminium gates come powder-coated. This gives them a luxury modern look that’s weather-resistant. All while taking the weight of cleaning and maintenance off your shoulders!

Not only that, but they’re lightweight and easy to install. Compare this to iron and wooden garden gates. Both of which need a lot of maintenance and will deteriorate a lot quicker. Now do you see why we love aluminium gates so much?

And if we’ve got you in the mood for a bit of maintenance, check out our quick guide to the must-have tools for shed repairs.

Shop Aluminium Gates


It depends if you’re looking at double aluminium driveway gates or a pedestrian gate. For example, our BillyOh Click A aluminium garden gates start at just £225.00 (inc. VAT).

Aluminium gates are both durable and lightweight. They offer the best of strong iron and steel gates. All whilst being easy to manoeuvre and install. This is because slats of reinforced aluminium have a high strength to weight ratio.

This is up to you, but we suggest semi-regularly. Clean them before a service or after periods of inclement weather like dust or snow. The great thing about aluminium gates is that their powder-coating makes them weather-resistant. This means they’re a lot lower maintenance than other traditional gate options. 

Whilst an exact percentage increase is sometimes touted at around 4-5% it’s hard to say. What we do know is that security is a major concern when buying a property. And a good aluminium driveway gate can both enhance security and kerbside appeal.


Aluminium gates provide a great return on investment (ROI), especially when paired with an electronic gate opener. All our aluminium gates are compatible with electronic gate openers.