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    Greenhouse Benefits #4: All-season Gardening

    One of the common problems that many gardeners experience is not being able to start growing due to the season/time of year/weather being wrong. For instance, wanting to grow cucumbers during the colder months, despite cucumbers being predominantly summer crops.

    However, you don’t have to worry about any of this when you own a greenhouse! Not only do you have control over your garden temperature, but you’ll also be able to start your growing season at any time of the year.

    Greenhouse Benefits #5: Increase Your Production

    Speaking of all-season gardening, owning a greenhouse also means you can increase your plant production, as it allows you to cultivate all sorts of plants throughout the year.

    Not only that, but chances are, your crops will be a lot bigger as the warm temperature inside can encourage/accelerate the plants’ growth.

    You’re free to create the perfect growing environment for any plants you want, in order to maximise your harvest.

    Greenhouse Benefits #6: All-in-one Gardening Place

    Another perk of owning a greenhouse is that you can have a designated area for your gardening and growing. This will let you grow anything from flowers to vegetables and other plants. You’ll be able to keep your gardening tools and equipment all in one place!

    Greenhouse Benefits #7:  Multiple Purposes

    Lastly, did you know that having a greenhouse also means you can use it for a variety of purposes? Thanks to the warmer and more humid environment that it provides, you can grow fresh, organic vegetables, flowers, bulbs and houseplants, including exotic plants and much more!

    As long as you understand the conditions that your plants or seedlings require to survive; you can grow various plants at the same time or change what you sow every year—adjusting accordingly for your ideal harvest. With a greenhouse, you have the freedom to choose and grow whatever plants you want.

    Importance of Proper Ventilation System in a Greenhouse

    Generally, greenhouses are designed as enclosed outdoor structures. Meaning, they don’t ventilate entirely on their own.

    But this concern can be easily solved by installing a ventilation system. Having proper ventilation ensures that your plants are supplied with the correct temperature, moisture level and airflow.

    Here’s why a ventilation system is crucial in every greenhouse.

    1. Temperature Control

    Keep in mind that plants are a bit sensitive when it comes to temperature. Hot temperatures can cause them to wilt, while cold temperatures can hinder their growth and production. Not to mention that they also can be delicate to extreme swings in temperature.

    To solve this problem, ventilation installed in a greenhouse can help in maintaining an even, optimal temperature. It allows hot air to escape while letting the cold air in, or vice versa.

    2. Humidity Control

    Apart from the heat, high concentrations of humidity can also be accumulated within the greenhouse. When the conditions inside become damp, mould, fungi and mildew are likely to occur.

    But with the right ventilation, this otherwise damp environment can be replaced with dry and cooler air, keeping the humidity at the optimum level.

    wooden greenhouses

    Timber is known for its incredible insulating properties. Hence, wooden greenhouses provide natural insulation.

    A wooden greenhouse can be used throughout the year, from the hottest days of summer to the coldest months of winter. Thanks to its insulating qualities, the timber helps to absorb the rays during daylight, while containing this heat during the night. These features alone make a greenhouse an environmentally friendly and controlled garden building. 

    If you wish to extend your growing season into the wintertime, this type of greenhouse is also useful when it comes to keeping your plants warm and safe throughout the colder months.

    Metal Greenhouses

    polycarbonate greenhouses

    Are you looking for a much cheaper alternative? Then look no further, because polycarbonate greenhouses have got you covered!

    Polycarbonates are some of the most durable plastic greenhouses on the market. Having no glass in the structure removes the chance of any shattering and potential hazardous damage from hailstones or flying footballs. Not only that but as plastic is thicker than glass, there will also be more efficient light diffusion than standard glass.

    As for all the growing plants, they’ll be able to receive equal light. Not to mention that polycarbonate is a natural ultraviolet filter, meaning your plants will have protection against radiation exposure. 

    Lastly, polycarbonate is considered to be one of the essential features of any commercial greenhouses. It boasts a high standard of heat retention, making the chance of the greenhouse having a high average temperature very likely.