Ultimate Garden Office Interior Guide

Having a working space to call on your own, where you can organise your remote work lifestyle while at the same time, keeping your work and personal life separate, is just one advantage of having your own garden office. If you now work from home, then having the perfect garden office interior is crucial, given that this is somewhere you’ll likely spend several hours in each day.

What’s more, creating an environment that reminds you of an actual office setting, or simply an inviting, thoughtfully-styled space, will render a positive impact on your motivation and productivity throughout the day.

Keep on reading this article to help guide you towards the ideal garden office interior.

1. Garden Office Interior: Choosing the Design

If you’re planning to use your garden office all year round, you’ll want to ensure that your outbuilding is insulated and fully weatherproof. 

Other than that, most wooden buildings can be at risk from the elements during the colder months, so you should take measures to assure it’s structurally sound and won’t leak water, especially if you’ll be storing electronics inside.

In conclusion, you need to opt for a garden building that is made out of high-quality materials yet affordable ones with the right design, so you won’t have to worry about how your garden office, and your garden office interior, will be able to withstand the country’s temperamental weather.

2. Garden Office Interior: Layout and Size

Planning the layout and size of your garden office and the requisite garden office interior is vital, as this will help you determine if the furniture you wish to include will fit inside. Not only that, but this’ll also give you an idea of how much money you’ll be spending.

Before purchasing, consider the size of your garden and how much space a garden office would take up. If you already own one, ensure that every furnishing you’ll put inside is of the correct size and can fit well.

Small Office

BillyOh Sasha Log Cabin Summerhouse
BillyOh Sasha Log Cabin Summerhouse

You don’t have to own a large garden office to create the perfect garden office interior. If a small space is enough for you to work in, or if you own a small garden, a small garden office is a perfect size to store a desk and your office essentials. 

There are many wooden buildings which are equipped for use as a garden office, ranging upwards in sizes to 4×6. You can also choose a corner building that is designed to maximise the space in your garden.

If you don’t want to compromise on the quality of your building, we also provide small log cabins which are made with a thicker and more durable construction.

Medium Office

BillyOh Canton Log Cabin
BillyOh Canton Log Cabin

A medium-sized office is ideal if you need an area to keep a fair amount of office equipment, such as multiple desks and bookcases. A multi-room garden office is also an excellent choice, as it can offer you the right area to work while at the same time, providing you with a room for office storage, or a place to keep the printer and files.

Choose a windowed wooden garden building to invite plenty of natural light into the building, making the office comfortable to spend time in. Opening windows will also provide important ventilation for the office. 

A 10×8 garden building will offer you a medium-sized office space which should provide plenty of room for a desk and office equipment.

Large Office

BillyOh Kent Home Office
BillyOh Kent Home Office

If you need a large office, you can save on costs by owning a log cabin. When starting up your own business, this is a perfect office solution, providing you with a spacious garden building to work from home at a fraction of the cost.

There are many designs and styles available to suit your garden. Contemporary pent styles are perfect for modern gardens, while traditional apex and reverse apex designs complement a traditional garden.

3. Garden Office Interior: Designing Your Style

Regardless of the style or design you want—whether it’s modern, classic, or even futuristic—this is your chance to express yourself! Add personal touches if you can, such as a picture frame on the wall or at your desk.

Bring your garden office interior to life by adding plants. The greens are known for their natural abilities to detoxify the air, helping to create a better work environment.

To conclude, let your imagination run wild, be creative, express your identity, and come up with a style that’s unique to you!

4. Garden Office Interior: Lighting, Heating, Insulation and Electricity

If you want to your garden office interior to emanate a real office vibe, then think about the lighting; including the heating, insulation and electricity.

The right lighting will provide you with an idyllic location where you can reply to that ever-growing number of emails while carrying out your tasks for the day.


If you’re looking for adjustable or track lighting, halogen lights can be your best bet. Floor lamps, on the other hand, are a cheap lighting option which can be moved around while at the same time, offering decorative lighting for your garden office interior.

LEDs are also versatile and cheap to run; they can be used for spotlights and specific areas of your office that you want to be better illuminated.

Heating & Insulation

Your garden office should be accessible all-year-round, especially during the colder months. With heating, it can guarantee your working area to remain a pleasant space to work. Not only that, but insulation will also prevent moisture, keeping your paperwork and other electronics from being at risk of dampness.

Insulation also works on soundproofing the building, which is perfect for remote workers who love playing loud music! 


Your work will likely involve the need for plenty of electronic equipment. When gadgets are present, that means electricity is crucial.

You’ll want to make sure to ask a professional to carry out any electrical work for you, especially if you’re not experienced in this field. Let them know how many sockets and light switches you need.

5. Garden Office Interior: Invest in Storage

Using storage for your garden office interior

A well-organised space helps to keep an office running smoothly. Depending on how much storage space you need, and how big your shed is, there are ways you can minimise clutter and maximise work production. 

An open shelving unit is a great way to utilise a tall shed. Building shelves upwards means you have more room in the building to work or walk around. 

Another way to use storage from the walls of the shed is by using wall-mounted pegboards. These can hold all your stationery and keep clutter off your desk. 

A cheap method of storage for a garden office interior are storage containers which are stacked together. These are perfect for storing your ink cartridges, paperwork, and chargers. 

They’ll keep everything dry and in one place. You can also use magnetic strips to hold metal objects in place, such as scissors. This is particularly useful if your office will often be used as a functional and practical space. 

If you have a small office, one way to utilise storage and save money is by repurposing old items. Why not attach a wine or spice rack to the wall and keep your document tubes, pens and paper clips stored. Or, use a shoe rack which you would hang on the back of a door to keep small pieces of stationery in one place.

6. Garden Office Interior: Accessories with the Must-Have Office Essentials

Must have accessories with your garden office interior

If you want to create a successful office space in your home, make sure to add these work from home must-haves to your list!

  • A laptop or Computer – First things first, identify what kind you need. Computer desktops are commonly favoured to get things done in the workplace. Meanwhile, laptops are often preferred as they allow you to get work done from more than one static location at home.

Note: Whether you’re using a laptop or desktop, as long as they completely meets the demand of your work from home commitments, that should be enough.

  • Extra Monitor – Being able to multitask without having to switch back and forth between one computer window is a great advantage. An external monitor will do the job!
  • Headphones and Speaker System – If you take and make a lot of phone calls as a part of your job, or you want to listen to music to inspire you to do more—headphones and speakers can be the ideal working solution.
  • Desk and Chair – Apart from having a garden office as your working place, a workstation wouldn’t be complete without a desk paired with a chair.
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