1. Secure Your Garden with Fences


Dogs love to dig, especially when they see large patches of soil that encourages them to. Cleaning them up will prevent your pooch from ruining certain areas of your garden and covering things with dirt.

3. Secure Borders and Plant Beds


Raised plant beds will protect your crops from dogs. They will also keep the beds neat and tidy.

5. Avoid Growing Thorny Plants


Do a little research and look for the list of plants that can bring harm to your beloved dog. Some of the most common examples include onions, garlic, chives, foxglove and crocus.

These plants can be toxic to your pets once they have ingested them. Therefore make sure you avoid having them in your garden, especially if you have a dog at home.

Here are other recommended plants that are safe for dogs:

Avoid plants that are toxic to dogs, such as:

7. Cover Ponds/Pools When Not in Use


Dogs can dig up your lawn or urinate and poop on it. This can affect the condition of your grass causing deterioration of their growth and ruining their roots.

To deal with this, you can try planting strong self-repairing grass, such as Buffalo grass or Kikuyu to maintain a perfect looking lawn.

9. Make Sure Your Dog Has Its Own Space to Play


This may look like it doesn’t need to be stated anymore but we still tend to neglect and forget it sometimes.

So just a blatant reminder to always shut your gate firm to prevent your dog from running off. As well as to stop other dogs from coming in and ruining your garden.

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