One oft-overlooked consideration in shed placement is its relative proximity to the sun, in accordance with the seasons, and the time of day.

If you’re planning to keep plants or grow vegetables inside, you’ll ideally want to position it in a place where it’s going to get as much sun exposure as possible. But if you’re going to be in there a lot yourself, a sun-trap might be troublesome – especially during the height of summer, when the shed might get too hot. 

Contrarily, a shady location might get too cold during the winter. Make sure to take into account exactly what you’re going to be using it for when deciding on where you might position your shed.

7. Accessibility

Our final tip relates to making sure you can get to your shed, and inside your shed, safely and easily whenever you might need to access it.

Keep in mind how far you might have to travel if you’re going to be in and out a lot, and very importantly, how close the door is to any boundaries if you expect to be lugging heavy, bulky items in and out on a regular basis. Once you’ve put it up, it’s not easy to move around!