When her online business selling home decor and children’s toys because outgrew her home, she decided a log cabin was the perfect solution.

“I wanted to separate the two and create a good work and life balance. It’s a great place to work. I have plenty of space to pack all my online orders that come from all over the world.”

The Devon Log Cabin

Catharine has created a multi-purpose interior for her garden building, which oozes style and luxury outdoor living.

“I’m loving my home office! I had heating and lighting installed and my husband added insulation and boarded it over and painted the whole room white.”

“He also applied a whitewash to the ceiling so the character of the wood still shows through, which looks really good and he put down a laminate floor.”

“I added a sofa-bed and I have put up a swing that hangs from the ceiling for my five-year-old son, so now it is a multi-use room!”

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