Different Types of Playhouse

We all know what comes to mind when we think ‘classic playhouse’ – an learn how to grow a child’s playhouse. By creating a willow or sunflower den, you could save yourself the price of a playhouse. 

Although, you might be waiting for quite a while!

Building a Playhouse

If you’ve settled on getting an outdoor playhouse, then the next step is to decide whether to build or buy one.

How much does it cost to build a playhouse?

This one’s a bit tricky. Some people will say that you can wooden playhouse – that’s fine. 

You can always skip ahead to the section on buying a playhouse. There, you’ll also find an option where you get the best of both worlds.

For now, let’s crack on with – how do you make a homemade playhouse?

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Man bent over holding a circular Dewalt saw cutting timber
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If not, you’ll need to cut and build your:



You can leave your cut-outs (like doors and windows) until later if you want.


This stage will all depend on your playhouse site plan. But, if you’ve gotten this far and haven’t settled on the dimensions of your playhouse - check out these guide to cladding and trimming garden buildings.

And then you’re on ot step 7 - the fun part!


Now that you’ve got your wooden children’s playhouse constructed, you can get the kids involved. Go back to earlier in this guide when we gave you ideas for playhouse themes. Now you can turn your children’s playhouse into a saloon, or maybe a creepy Gothic church!


Credit: @thealcroftgirls/Instagram


And if you need a little more help following steps 1-7, then check out this two storey wooden playhouse with stacked windows on astroturf

Credit: @surrey_renovation_diary/Instagram

Playhouses: Why Buy?

Building a playhouse can be a fantastic cost-saving option if you have access to raw materials like pallets and timber. With the internet bursting with free playhouse DIY plans, even intermediate carpenters can have a crack at building a playhouse.

But for the rest of us, hiring or buying jigsaws and trying to fish out a set square might be above our pay grade. So if you’re still set on buying the kid’s a playhouse for summer, you could always simply buy one and have it installed. 

But there’s a third option – the best of both. A.k.a. the BillyOh option. With our tongue-and-groove wooden playhouse’s, you can find a price and model that suits your needs. Plus, you can feel like you’ve built something without breaking the bank (or your back!). 

And if you’re looking at building a shed at the same time, download our free guide on How to Build your Shed.

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In our BillyOh playhouses, we use reliable European-sourced timber. We recommend kiln-dried or pressure-treated wood for frames and plywood for roofing panels. For a more detailed look at playhouse building materials, BillyOh potting shed playhouse made from easy-to-assemble tongue-and-groove panels starts as low as £369.

Playhouses aren’t generally considered to be permanent structures no matter their height. So you shouldn’t need planning permission. However, as rules vary county-to-country, it’s worth checking and running it by neighbours. 


Check out this resource for more information on planning permission UK.