There are several different types of foundations available when levelling your base on a slope. Although pouring concrete footings are essential is constructing a base for a solid or livable structure.

A weed barrier is also a crucial item to have. After digging and levelling your uneven ground, placing a weed barrier will prevent any weeds below from making their way up to the shed above. This is important because once the base is built and any weeds come through, you won’t be able to resolve this without taking down your shed to get to the area below. They may also cause rot.

Foundation Block

Foundation Blocks

Foundation blocks are a nice and easy solution to sloping ground, as you can add and remove blocks to fit the height you need.

This is a great way to create a solid foundation and you’re able to fix the height difference that you have in your space for your garden shed. It’s even a great option for steeper slopes and helps to create level ground.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Masonry blocks
  • Measuring tape
  • Spade
  • Treated timber planks
  • Marking posts
  • Pea gravel

How to Build a Level Shed Base Using Foundation Blocks

Step 1
: Start by measuring out the space for your shed base. You can use posts to mark the space out and string line to keep them in line.

Step 2: Dig out the top layer to make your ground as flat as possible, leaving the soil below exposed. Make sure to clear the excess soil and measure out four rows of blocks. Doing this will help to keep an even distribution of weight.

Step 3: You’ll need to dig two inches wider than the blocks and then six inches deep minimum. Fill the hole with pea gravel, this will even out the surface and create a flat space for you to work with.

Step 4: Place your timber planks along the blocks you’ve placed. Take a level to them. This will help to determine how flat they are. If needed, you can always add or remove the concrete blocks.

Step 5: Once this is done and you’re sure the ground is level, you can start to build your shed base on top. Starting from one side, screw the base on top of the timber panels. You’ve now got a sturdy base for your shed to be built onto!

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