BillyOh Ivy Tongue and Groove Apex Summerhouse

Most garden buildings, including Garden Buildings Direct’s products, are designed with a pressure treated timber bases to aide with longevity. But to make the building last even longer, a firm, level foundation is crucial to protect the base of your summer house.

If your summer house building has direct contact with the ground, it can absorb moisture—causing premature rot and decay. Placing it on an uneven surface will also cause structural damage e.g. the warping of the timber walls and floor.

But when placed on a level surface, this will help your garden building to stand strong for years to come, while allowing the doors to function properly, making accessing your summer house much easier. Moreover, this will also guarantee your garden shed has proper water drainage and ventilation underneath.

Building a summer house base requires some manual labour, as well the need to consider what kind of base you should go for. But, by reading this article, we’ll not only give you some tips to ensure your base for your summer house is right, but we’ll also help you choose the best summer house base that will suit your needs!

Let’s get started!

Preparations for Choosing the Best Summer House Base

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