A massive porch allows for rain-or-shine outdoor dining

The BillyOh Cove is our newest log cabin, which automatically makes it our favourite.

It’s stylish, and reinvents the wheel due to the fact that it contains two separate rooms within one building. This frees up the opportunity to use the cabin for two different purposes – whether that be a gym and a study, a lounge room and a spa, or a hair salon and an office.

The Cove suits people who need space. At a sizeable 6x5m, the overall dimensions of the building are larger than most we offer. It’s got a large canopy, for people who want to dine or sit outdoors come rain or shine, and a front door that can be placed on the left or right hand side of the building, depending on preference. The walls are a sturdy 44mm deep – which is as thick as we offer.

Like all of our cabins, it comes with lockable doors and windows and varying options on window style, pressure treatment, roofing and flooring.

The BillyOh Robyn Corner Cabin

Shed and summerhouse – all in one

The Tianna Log Cabin is a customer favourite, and it’s clear to see why. Most suitable for people who need a summerhouse and a shed, but don’t want to fork out for both, it’s a storage unit connected to a main building that is stylish, compact and easy to build.

Unlike with the Cove, the Tianna comes in different thickness options. 19mm gives the least coverage, best for if you’re only planning to use it in summertime. 28mm is a bit more chill-resistant, and will boost the insulatory properties of the cabin.

You can adjust the interior wall’s position to maximise storage space, or cramp that down and give yourself more room to stretch out in the main cabin. Unlike the Cove, the Tianna only comes with the option of single glazed windows – but that makes it mightily more budget friendly!

Starting at only £1,459.00, see why the Tianna is one of our best sellers today.

The BillyOh Porto Log Cabin

Working from home has never been easier

The idea for the Mia was conceived at the dawn of recent times, when the world adapted to working from home. At just £1,199, it was created as the perfect, affordable home office, for those who wanted to separate work and play.


The BillyOh Dorset, another one of our most popular cabins, is the Fraya’s younger sister. The major difference between the two is in the style of roof. Whereas the Fraya incorporates a modern, flat pent design, the Fraya’s traditional apex roof makes it more appealing to those who like to keep it classic.

It comes in two variations – the original and the ‘S’ – and is offered in an incredible twelve different sizes.

Named after the quintessential British beach town, the Dorset can take you wherever you want it to. Whether you make it a tropical paradise with plants and leaves or an ode to the seaside, this cabin could be the one for you.

The BillyOh Carmen Log Cabin Summerhouse

The big daddy of log cabins

The BillyOh Pod is similar to the Cove in the way that it is a multi-room log cabin – but with the Pod, it’s all on the same plain.

This means that the Pod is a real garden statement, and boasts a whopping 8m width, while cutting down on the size depth-ways.

The Pod is a real luxury building – with three separate rooms to transform into whatever you can dream of. Dual entrances mean that really, it’s a two-in-one log cabin – with both main rooms spanning 3.5m each way. The central room can act as a mini storage unit or a utility room. Pop in for a coffee on a break from work!

It’s best for people who have two ventures or requirements for their log cabin. Two separate rooms allows uninterrupted concentration on one or the other. If you’ve two adults working full-time from home, this could make the perfect dual garden office.

The BillyOh Outpost Insulated Building

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