1. Aluminium Gates are Strong 

For a start, aluminium gates are deceptively strong. Despite being so lightweight, reinforced aluminium has a high strength to weight ratio.

This means that one of the main reasons for buying heavy wood or metal gates – i.e. strength, doesn’t really hold up. Granted, aluminium isn’t as strong as steel but paired with the other pros on this list, it’s a category killer!

2. Aluminium Gates are Lightweight

We said that it’s light, but just how light?

Well, BillyOh Nova powder-coated aluminium pedestrian gates start at just £249.

5. Aluminum Gates are Low Maintenance

In number 3, we said that aluminium was durable and easily fixed. But the real winner here is that you might not even have to fix your gates.

For example, you won’t need to re-stain or repaint aluminium gates like you’ll have to with iron and wood. That’s because powder-coating isn’t just for weather resistance. It’s also for style. Paint is fused into the aluminium so maintenance jobs like painting are off the cards!

All you need to do is wash and wipe it every so often. And if you want to learn more about maintaining and caring for your aluminium gates – check out this guide.

6. Aluminium Gates are Weather-resistant

Granted, aluminium isn’t quite as strong as steel. But the powder coating gives aluminium gates anti-corrosion properties. This means that they retain their finish.

Plus, aluminium metal doesn’t become brittle in cold weather. Wooden gates, though, can warp and rot in these kinds of conditions.

So, whether you’re going for a metal driveway gate or a pedestrian gate, you won’t have to do too much maintenance.

Bare aluminium will form a natural oxide layer. This gives it some resistance against corrosion. But by powder-coating an aluminium gate, we can prevent this low level of oxidisation. At the same time, powder-coating creates a seal against water and air exposure.

Powder-coating is where a Shop Aluminium Gates


It depends if you’re looking at double aluminium driveway gates or a pedestrian gate. For example, our BillyOh Nova aluminium pedestrian gates start at just £249.

Aluminium gates are both durable and lightweight. They offer the best of strong iron and steel gates. All whilst being easy to manoeuvre and install. This is because slats of reinforced aluminium have a high strength to weight ratio.

The gates can be easily fixed to walls or metal posts using the included expansion screws and swivel. There are full assembly instructions included to make installation as easy as possible.

Gate can be hung either way round. This way, you can decide which way you would like the gate to swing. This will also let you decide which side you would want the handle to be on.

Our manufacturer's warranty will cover the gate for 1 year for technical problems. Any damage caused by the user will not be covered. Due to the strong aluminium construction of our gates, they have an estimated useful life of 10 years. This makes them much more resilient than traditional wooden gates.

Gates are packed into one package with honeycomb packing to protect the product. They are then delivered disassembled, The product comes with full installation instructions so it’s simple to install. Still, it’s recommended that 2 people work together on the installation.