Aluminium Gates – Why They’re Great For You

If you’re looking for maximum security and protection, a strong and steadfast aluminium gate is perfect for your home.

Formed from slats of reinforced aluminium, our metal driveway gates are top of the range when it comes to safety and security.

Garden Buildings Direct plans to bring out a range of aluminium gates for the summer 2021 season, in a variety of different sizes and styles. Our metal driveway gates are perfect for homeowners who want to protect their vehicles. They open to let cars through, but provide a big blockade to any prying eyes when closed. Due to the aluminium’s lightweight qualities, the gates are easy to transport, move around and install.

We will also be offering side gates, perfect for accessing your garden from outside your house. They’ll be much more intimidating to any potential trespassers and much easier to look after for you.

Why aluminium is great for you

Aluminium is an extremely reliable, weather resistant material. For metal driveway gates and side gates, it is perfect due to it’s ability to resist rust and corrosion. It also features the benefit that it won’t warp over time, unlike wood, which is affected by the rain.

Metal driveway gates can come in an array of variations. They are customisable, and can open from the left or right hand side.

They’re also low maintenance. You don’t have to worry about treating the aluminium with any products for longevity, before or after installation.

Our aluminium driveway gates are a modern alternative to the classic garden gate.


Aluminium is a metal used for thousands of functions all over the world. Notably, it’s used for kitchen foil and for tin cans, but its uses range from acting as a component in the tiniest of electronic devices to being the main material in aeroplane fuselages.

Naturally, aluminium is extremely resistant to rust.

Aluminium is lighter than both steel and iron, making it easy to transport, and is also malleable.

It is the most abundant metal in the earth’s crust.

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