Colanders can be your alternatives to traditional baskets. With the drainage holes and incredible durability, you are secured to have a long-lasting hanging plant plot. Because when a plant container has no proper drainage, the soil could be waterlogged and plants will get dry. Gravel should be put in the bottom of it to prevent the compost from blocking up the drainage holes.

2. Tin Cans


A teapot can be either your watering can or a planter. You can also add the teacups and saucers to it, like a tea set to make your garden more appealing. Especially for small ornamentals, cups and teapots can serve as cute little pots for indoor and even outdoor plants. If you have some chipped or tea-stained ones at home, you can use them as a quirky cactus pot or as alternative homes for other smaller plants. Put in on your garden table to make it the new centre of attraction. Sustainability with a beautiful purpose.

4. Muffin Tins


Think twice before you throw your plastic bottles! Instead, use them as your plant containers by putting some holes on the bottom of it. Use them for your wall farm against your window if you have limited space in your garden.

If you’re into fun DIY projects then a potting shed is definitely worth considering. Check out our great range of garden sheds if this idea appeals to you!