What Are Sheds?

Typically, a shed is a single-storey indoor compartment, commonly found in British back gardens. Sheds vary in style, design, size and construction. From small, metal structures to large wooden buildings with shingled roofs, you can pretty much find any shed to suit your requirements. Garden sheds are traditionally made of metal, wood or plastic.

Each potential building material has it’s own unique properties. In this way, they’re all suited for different purposes. A wooden sheds will be what springs to mind when you think of a garden shed. The sleek, modern designs of metal sheds and plastic sheds, however, are becoming increasingly popular over time.

Types of Garden Sheds

Metal Sheds

BillyOh Ashford Plastic Garden Storage Shed Inc Foundation Kit Grey

Often cheaper than metal sheds, plastic sheds are a great choice for anyone who wants a garden shed that doesn’t require a lot of maintenance. Strong but also lightweight, they can be easily transported if you need to change locations. Some plastic sheds are also UV resistant, which means they won’t fade in the sun. Plastic sheds provide the perfect storage space for any gardening item.

Wooden Sheds

BillyOh Mini Master Tongue and Groove Pent Store Shed

Need a place to store your bikes? A garden shed could be your best bet! We sell specifically made garden bike storage, but you can use any wooden shed. Not only will it take up minimal space in your garden, but it also guarantees protection of the bike against any harsh weather.

In addition, sheds have the option of either windowed or windowless. With that, you can easily know if the bikes are safely stored away or not.

At Garden Buildings Direct, we offer a variety of sizes of shed, so you can choose one suited to the number of bikes you have. We stock traditional apex bike storage sheds which are ideal for traditional gardens, as well as more modern styles with pent roofs.

BillyOh Traditional Log Cabin Workshop

In a similar fashion to the idea that you can transform a garden shed into a home office, our garden sheds also suffice as amazing workshops for DIY enthusiasts!

Whether you’re painting, sawing, drilling or drawing, doing it in the house can end badly. A garden workshop in your shed provides you a place where anything goes, and mess is welcome. With a simple workbench and a tool rack, you’ll have the perfect place to do it yourself, whether it be house chores like fixing a lightbulb, or a hobby like painting a guitar.

Home workshops are a sensible choice for families with young children. Keep all the dangerous stuff in one place. You can add a secure lock at checkout for most of our buildings. That way, you’ll minimise the risk of any trapped fingers, or someone getting their hands on a chainsaw.

Home Spa

Let’s be honest. Everyone needs a moment to relax every now and then.

If it’s a struggle getting some time alone, or if you just enjoy relaxing regularly, treat yourself to a spa break and a dip in a hot tub from the comfort of your own garden shed. Relaxing, unwinding and recharging your batteries is easy with your very own garden spa. It’s possible!

Add a of a few houseplants, some relaxing music and whatever else helps you summon your inner zen; your garden shed will be your own personal heaven in no time.

Backyard Bar Shed

We think garden parties are a whole lot more fun with an indoor area that you can customise for your needs on the night. Whether it’s to store food and drink, to show off your new tricks, or for somewhere to shelter from the rain, a backyard bar is a possibility with a shed from Garden Buildings Direct. It’s a great idea for a warm summer night when you fancy entertaining your family and friends with your cocktail making skills!

Set up a counter on your work bench, dig out all the pub memorabilia you’ve got in the loft, stock up on your drinks of choice, and you’ve got yourself a private bar that you don’t have to queue at to get served.

Note: Make sure you check out the laws regarding alcohol licenses in your region before bringing the pub to your back door. Serving booze can be a tetchy subject!

Overwintering Plants

For us green-fingered individuals, making sure our plants stay healthy and well all year round is important.

A garden shed can be the perfect place to store less hardy plants over winter. Installing heating and lighting in your shed can be beneficial to the lifespan of your plants too.

What’s with Garden Buildings Direct’s Garden Sheds?

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