Green-fingered Brits can transform their gardens into something a beginner couldn’t. With the right pair of gloves and proper wisdom, these seasoned gardeners can finish their “dirty work” in no time.

However, if you’re a novice gardener, you can be overwhelmed by the variety of planting tools available in the market. Although there’s a wide range of them to add to your collection, you need to determine the best ones worthy of your investment.

To make your research easy, we’ve rounded up the most common gardening tools and their uses.

1. Garden Gloves


One of the gardening tools you shouldn’t forget to add in your collection is a hand trowel. This device is a must-have, especially for beginners and urban gardeners.

Ideal for transferring dirt into pots and planting seedlings, it will be more accessible if you dig soil or transport plants from your vegetable garden using a hand trowel.

4. Digging Shovel

You’ll find how useful a digging shovel can be if you’re gardening in your yard or a raised bed. It makes lifting, digging and shifting soil, coal, snow, sand and gravel a lot easier.

This type of garden equipment is also a great companion when transferring dirt from a wheelbarrow without having to dump the whole load. Not only that, but a digging shovel is perfect for stirring or mixing compost piles and potting soils too.

5. Digging Spade

Some gardeners may think that having a digging shovel is already enough for drilling. Little did they know that a garden spade can also be extremely helpful in the garden bed!

Thanks to its square-shaped blade design, it makes the tool ideal to use in tight spaces and digging holes for plants and bushes. Just like the shovel, a garden spade is also great for transporting dirt and in general, digging in your yard.

6. Bow Rake


If you’re planning to dig into rocky or extremely compacted soil, a digging fork is your best bet! Not only this gardening tool can lessen the strain on your body and reduce the back-breaking work, but it also can loosen up the soil easily!

It features four flat and thick tines, making it the ideal tool to break down firmly packed dirt which a hoe or spade can’t get through.

8. Garden Knife

Ideal for cutting and trimming strings and fruits and vegetable plants, a garden knife makes a convenient tool for beginners. Hori Hori garden knife, for example, is popular among gardeners.

The Hori Hori tool acts not only as a knife, but also a piece of digging equipment saw, or measuring device for planting bulbs. Some gardeners are using it as a weeder as well. If you want an alternative for the hand trowel, you can opt for this one.

9. Garden Hose

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