Any pet lover will know that a pet is more than just a furry companion – they’re part of the family. Giving them their own space right in the comfort of your back garden is sure to put a smile on the face of even the grumpiest cat.

With this, they can spend more time outdoors with you while enjoying the breezy fresh air, especially during warmer weather. 

Transforming your shed into a pet paradise is also a smart move if you’ve got an unruly family pet. They’ll have a place to play or sleep without disturbing you, which is imperative if you work from home.

Tip: To create a spacious and sheltered environment for your pets, decorate a playpen for them with comfy blankets and squidgy toys. Don’t forget a bowl of water and some snacks!

2. Writer’s Retreat


Whether you need a place to display your art or you need a quiet spot to record, play and make music, a log cabin is a great place to set up your dream backyard studio.

Install your own soundproofing to your liking and needs, and fill out the space with guitars, store drum kits and more. Decorate the wall with your favourite bands posters, display your vinyls and CD collections. Display or design anything that will inspire you to create good music. After all, it’s your personal studio, so make it count!

4. Overwintering Plants


If you’ve always wanted to keep chickens but would need somewhere warm and safe to keep them, why not transform your unloved garden shed into a new home for chickens and you’ll be rewarded with eggs for breakfast! 

Note: After building your dream chicken coop out of your garden shed, make sure to have regular upkeep inspections. For a thorough guide, you can read this 100-cabin-transformation-ideas-7-man-cave

It is true that having a quick, temporary getaway from the stresses of a modern, fast-paced lifestyle is something that can be beneficial for everyone. Speaking of having your me-time where you can unwind and relax for a bit, turning your shed into a space that you’ll love to spend time in by adding a sofa, television and games consoles sounds like a plan!

Apart from the leisure that a man cave can provide, isn’t it great when you have your own personal sanctuary where you can have your much-needed me time in between or after your tight schedule?

8. Garage for Bicycles Even for Cars


Ever dream of having your own bakery store? You don’t have to spend big to make your dream bakery come true. Sometimes, all you need is a garden shed paired with creativity and imagination.

Whether it’s a home bakery or a bakery cafe, a shed can be your starting point. With all the necessary baking equipment, you can begin to bake and serve a variety of baked goods, such as cupcakes, cookies, or brownies around your neighbourhood!

10. Couples Retreat


If you or one of your children are artistically inclined, a log cabin can be an excellent alternative for hosting your personal pursuits: a hobby room!

Whether it’s for gardening-related activities or any hobbies that require a bit of space and privacy, having your personal space mainly for your hobbies or crafts will do justice to your passion.  And thanks to the level of space afforded to you, it also can help you keep the mess out of your home.

Tip: Make sure your cabin building has large windows so you can benefit from natural light as much as possible.

12. Kids Playhouse


Owning your own pub shed comes with tons of perks, and of these amazing benefits is it lets you be more sociable—allowing you to host evening get-togethers from the comfort of your outdoor space with ease.

You know what this means? It’s the perfect time to transform your log cabin into your dream pub shed, and have the hippest hangout in the neighbourhood, especially if you’re someone who takes the pleasure of hosting chilled out nights at home with a few drinks together with your best pals.

14. Outdoor Dining (Al Fresco)


Whether you’re working full-time, as a freelance, or running a business, it’s always a good idea to choose a working area rather than confining yourself in your room. Garden offices are becoming increasingly popular for people who are starting up their own business or don’t have the budget for an office rental.

If you want a stress-free working from home experience, might as well consider converting your log cabin into a garden office. Log cabins can provide you with a high-quality building to work from all year round.

Tip: You can add personal touches or anything that will remind you of an actual office setting for a more productive working from home lifestyle.

16. Garden Gym


Owning a log cabin building can be used in a lot of different ways and it has its practical uses. If you want to make your family outdoor lifestyle more comfortable, log cabins can definitely come in handy.

This is particularly true if your current home is too small for your needs. If you already have one, make the most out of it and transform it as an additional bedroom, kitchen, guest room, dining area, or living room. The possibilities are endless!

If you have a modern-day home design, opt for a contemporary log cabin to make your home exterior perfectly.

18. Guest Room


Wood works and other forms of crafts done at home tend to mess up the kitchen and garage big time. If you need a dedicated spot to undertake new DIY projects or perhaps pursue your hobbies and interests, a garden workshop can be just what you’re looking for.

An excellent cost-effective alternative to buying an actual garden workshop building is converting your log cabin into one. Just by adding in a workbench and a tool rack, you can have the perfect place to carry out everything DIY, whether it be the house chores or anything hobby-related.

If you’re planning to purchase online, it can be a bit of a challenge when choosing a workshop—with so many designs, sizes and styles available on the market. Here, we’re proud to offer a fantastic range of workshops, designed to suit a variety of needs. Our workshops are ideal for those who need that extra bit of space which a shed simply doesn’t offer.

20. Garden Salon


Whether your children are home schooled or not, providing them with a dedicated learning space in your house is one of the best ways to help them be more focused and attentive when studying. Also, they easily get distracted, so a mini learning centre is ideal for achieving maximum concentration.

If you own a shed, you could transform it into a study room or mini daycare centre. Don’t forget to add the homeschooling essentials such as a study desk and chair, whiteboard or chalkboard stand, just to name a few. 

Note: Just be sure to let your children learn whatever works for them.

22. Potting Shed


Dreaming of having your own mini barn? Turning your log cabin into one is a fantastic way to make your dream come true! 

Paint the building with bright colours, such as red. You can also add the classic X style trim to the door to add an extra touch of classic barn look.

If you would like your horses to live at home with you, you can convert your log cabin into a two-stall horse barn. By doing so, make sure the garden building has a minimum size of 12 feet by 24 feet with sidewalls at least 9 feet high to accommodate 12-by-12 stalls for your full-sized horses.

Your horse barn should be located in a well drained area as well. Dirt floor is preferred, but a concrete floor will do as long as you cover it with rubber mats to provide the necessary cushioning.

24. Home Cinema


For astrology lovers, nothing’s better than staring into the night sky with a dedicated stargazing room where you can avoid the hassle of dealing with the harsh elements. If you dream of having an astrology room, a garden building like log cabin is a perfect location for your nighttime hideout!

On cold winter nights, it can be hard to focus star gazing into the black sky, so plug in a heater and set up some telescope spots, then gaze in warmth and comfort.

26. Farmhouse


BillyOh Tianna Log Cabin Summerhouse with Side Store

Thinking about upgrading your garden and extending your outdoor living space? Turning your log cabin into a summer house sounds like a plan!

If relaxation and comfort are more of your style, you can add chairs, cushions and coffee tables and I assure you that you’ll have the perfect place to retreat when you crave for some alone time.

Or fill your summerhouse with a comfy dining set and you’re ready to host a garden party! Add some fun decorations, and this definitely leaves a good impression on your guests.

28. Outdoor Kitchen


Just like garden sheds, log cabins also make an excellent storage solution for storing your outdoor equipment and gardening tools safe and sound. You don’t have to convert your cabin building into something new. 

All you have to do is to clear up the space, especially if it’s cluttered, and add some shelves and boxes to keep the storage building neat and tidy. If your log cabin is large enough, hide less attractive or bulky items, such as your children’s bikes, mowers, your home and garage clutter, and even holiday decorations like Christmas trees and more. Not only will this provide these stuff with a new home, but this also will lessen the distraction from the beauty of your home.

With everything in one place, you’ll certainly know where everything is, and you’ll have easy access to the essentials.

30. Warehouse


You don’t have to spend a fortune to rent out a studio for your photography business. You can use your log cabin, or purchase one, as a studio; this is particularly ideal if you’re shooting product photography several times a week.

Not only does this cut the expenses, but you also have the control over light and backdrops, and a place to store props.

Or if you’re not a photographer, you can rent your log cabin studio for photographers. Make the building look attractive and take some promotional shots so the professionals can find it.

32. Personal Library


Focus is the number one priority of both child and parent to have a successful home study. The good thing is, there are a few ways to help them be able to be more attentive when learning, and that is by providing them with a dedicated learning space.

If you own a log cabin, you can transform it into a hobby room or mini learning centre for your little ones. Alternatively, you could provide them with homeschooling essentials such as a study desk and chair, whiteboard or chalkboard stand, just to name a few.

Note: While there are no specific guidelines on what a learning area should look like, keep in mind that every child has a different approach to learning. What works for one may not work for another. So be sure to let your child learn whatever works for them.

As long as they can focus and learn, and are safe, that should be enough.

34. Yoga Studio


A log cabin dance studio tucked away at the bottom of your garden could be just what you need to hone your dancing skills and feel the beat without having to worry about who’s watching you or bothering anyone.

A heavy-duty flooring is a must, especially if your passion is tap. You may also consider installing soundproof to reduce or eliminate echoes.

Having your own dance studio means you can get your groove on your own or with friends without upsetting your neighbours with loud music. And who knows? Your cabin dance studio could also be the perfect place to have a party!

36. Smokehouse


For most parents, it can be difficult getting teenagers out of their rooms. It is even more frustrating when there are huddled groups roaming around your house.

But a teenage hangout den might be a great solution to get the house back to yourself for awhile, while letting the teens spend time with their friends without disturbing the rest of the family.

If your log cabin is waiting to be utilised, maybe it’s time to convert it into the perfect teenage hangout spot for the youngsters.

38. Party Pavilion


If you’re into birds and you’re looking for effective ways to give them the best environment, transforming your log cabin into an outdoor aviary can be your best bet. Not only this DIY aviary makes an excellent addition to your garden, but having a dedicated sanctuary for your birds can provide them access to sunlight which can benefit their organ, skin and feather health.

But do keep in mind that a certain amount of planning is crucial. For instance, the amount of space you have available and determine how big you want your outdoor aviary to be, including the aspect since birds tend to be sensitive to wind, chill, and both cold and heat stress.

Overall, make sure your log cabin outdoor aviary is safe and strong enough so your birds will survive the harsh weather conditions.

40. Greenhouse Cabin


Having a refreshing pool, paired with a beautifully designed pool house, is a remote dream! If your pool has been sitting alone in your backyard for years, a DIY pool house can definitely complete the overall look of your poolscape visually.

It can be the one-stop-shop for all your outdoor lounging needs, or take it to the next level by adding a room inside where you and your family, friends or guests can change clothes, chill out, and even prepare a snack.

Are you ready to host a fun summer or cool fall pool party?

42. Firewood Storage


A successful BBQ party requires proper planning and careful groundwork—other than preparing your BBQ tools, accessories and other equipment, the location is as important as them.

If you love hosting BBQ parties, nothing beats having a BBQ grill that adds the smoky aroma of barbecue in your garden! Even better, if you have your own barbecue gazebo where you and your guests can make the most out of it!

Your barbecue log cabin gazebo can be the place where your family and friends can relax while waiting for the grilled foods to be served. If there’s enough space, you may also consider adding a spot where you can do the cooking in shade.

When you have the right grilling tools and equipment, perfect location and mouth watering grilled foods, these will surely impress your guests and at the same time, satisfy everyone’s cravings.

44. Bin Storage


If you’re a hunter and enjoy spending time outdoors, especially in the woods, then investing in a hunting shed or transforming your old log cabin into one is a smart move. With a little woodwork and a handy know-how, you can treat yourself with a blind that will keep you comfortable during the coldest days of the hunting season.

When it comes to the size of your shooting house, this depends on the number of hunters using it at one time. If it’s only for you or for two, a small log cabin will do. The larger the number, the bigger the building you need.

Regardless of the size of your existing log cabin, just ensure you have the right materials, from frame, skin to roof and window, so you will feel comfortable enough for an all-day sit.

46. Boat Garage


If cars and boats can be stored in a log cabin, the same goes for ATVs and snowmobiles. Don’t let your cabin building go to waste and make the most out of it by creating the ultimate ATV and snowmobile storage building!

Off-road vehicles are valuable, and if you crave for the arrival of sled-worthy snow, you will want to make sure your ATV and snowmobile are stored in a safe place. A medium-sized log cabin can provide the needed space and protection for both while protecting them from theft, harsh elements, including pests.

Tip: Before anything else, make sure your log cabin garage’s floor is protected from nicks and scrapes by investing in durable mat to eliminate potential problems and frustrations. If you have a dolly system for your snowmobile, make sure they work well so you can get your vehicle out of the garage easily.

48. Golf Cabin


Every farm needs reliable garden storage for the basics. Having a tool storage isn’t just a brilliant idea to keep your farm tools and accessories, but it also acts as a safe safe for your farm equipment against the elements. As a result, they will be less likely to deteriorate and they’ll be reliable for performance.

Keep belts, chains, clutches, cutting edges, and other parts subject to corrosion and deterioration dry and clean. During the DIY process, you can make the door extra large for convenient access, or add a built in workbench for more workspace.

50. Patio Furniture Storage


Converting a log cabin into a game room is a great idea to provide hours of fun for the whole family. Having a game room in your garden will provide your kids with personal space to play their PlayStation or Xbox or with board games, for instance.

Things to consider:

  • Flooring
  • Insulation
  • Electrical outlets

Imagine your ideal game room with:

  • Dartboard
  • Television Area
  • Board Games
  • Table Games, such as Foosball or Pool Table

This is also the perfect chance to give your little ones their own hub where they can be creative and enjoy themselves. But a gaming room doesn’t have to be limited for the youngsters, though.

As long as the environment feels home-life and comfortable,  everyone should be welcome to hang out and have fun!

52. Movie Concession Cabin Stand


Log Cabins can be a worthwhile investment for your garden—thanks to their variety of uses!   Speaking of a variety of uses, did you know that a porch style garden building or log cabin can be easily converted into a perfect She Shed?

Life is busy; owning a log cabin She Shed can let you enjoy the time spent in your humble backyard space throughout the year. Having this dedicated space that is set aside just for the woman of the house is the perfect escape from all the hustle and bustle at your home. You can use it for recreation, rejuvenation and enjoying personal activities. 

When it comes to the furnishing and lighting fixtures, make sure to add pieces and decorations that would add to the comfort and ambience. Of course, you can personalise it to fit your style and unique taste.

54. Handy Cubby


Playing outdoors, especially when the weather is nice, is one of the favourite things to do by children. While outside play is a great way to pass the time by, having no outdoor storage to keep the toys can be a bit of a challenge, particularly when your backyard is their afternoon playtime area.

Keep in mind that the more you leave toys outside and unprotected, the easier they get ruined. If your little ones own a bunch and bulk of toys, a toy cabin storage is a cost-effective solution. Take advantage of that outbuilding and convert it into your kids toy storage!

Not only having a dedicated space for storing their toys will help them be close to hand if they suddenly want to play with their favourite item or game again, but also your garden space will be clutter-free, which is very pleasing to the eye of every parent.

Tip: Add some tags per box or shelves so your children won’t end up mixing up their toys.

56. Dog House


While bikes are often our pride and joy, they’re also an awkward object to store, and when not lent properly against a surface, they can be easily knocked over. If you’re fed up with seeing your children’s bikes and bicycle accessories being scattered all over your garden space or patio area, you might want to consider buying a storage unit. 

Speaking of bike storage solutions, transforming your log cabin into a dedicated space for your little ones bikes can be your best bet! This is also an excellent way to protect your bicycles from the harsh weather conditions and from theft.

And with an accessible bike storage, you’ll enjoy a garage or outdoor space with less clutter and more parking space.

58. Outdoor Shower + Toilet


A garden building is a cost-efficient way of starting a business, particularly for small ones, or growing your current enterprise. For instance, if your small business needs extra space or a dedicated area for storing inventory and overstock items, a storage building makes a perfect business expansion solution.

With a log cabin in your backyard acting as your business expansion, this will help you cut all the expenses and risks involved with purchasing or renting an actual office space. If you’re starting a small business, experts suggest avoiding additional expenses.

To maximise the space of your business cabin expansion, you can add commercial grade shelving or a storage system. Additional storage also can simplify your inventory management.

You can customise your building expansion with the office space you’ve always wanted as well! Overall, turning your current garden building into a business cabin is a great way to make money and start your own company without a huge investment.

60. Storm Shelter


Camping is a combined tranquillity and adventure type of outdoor activity, providing you with the ideal opportunity to unwind in style. Not only a camp out will let you spend quality time with your family and friends, but it is also good for your soul.

While staying at the campsite also offers a much-needed relaxation, a staycation camping or backyard camping can also benefit your soul from the virtues that nature emits. If your family and friends enjoy camping in your back garden, take a break from using a tent and starting opting for a lifelong camp out cabin.

This is particularly ideal if you own a piece of land that’s perfect for camping. Compared to the usual tents, a camping cabin guarantees you with a more secure and protected environment against the inclement weather. Not only that but this also saves up your time to set up a tend every time.

63. Trash Cabin

If you don’t have some wheelie trash bins, you can still hide those insightly trashs of yours and keep them secured and away from the scavengers with a trash shed out of your log cabin. Your trash cabin could also act as a convenient spot to keep your outdoor cleanup tools, such as brooms, outdoor dust pans, and yard waste bags.

By placing your pile of trash inside a log cabin can also improve the appearance and appeal of your property. As long as you have a sturdy mini cabin building, it can hide your waste while keeping it organised.

No sight of trash outdoors means a clean property. I mean, who doesn’t want that, right?

64. Sports Dugout


Another way to relax in your log cabin is to let yourself be immersed with your all-time favourite music. A music therapy room is a highly soundproofed space with a surround-sound stereo system installed.

If relaxation is what you’re looking for, a music therapy log cabin room can be your best shot. You can equip the room with Bluetooth capability so you can lay back in your favourite sofa or reclining chair while exploring your ultimate playlist for relaxation in peace.

When designing your music therapy room, make sure there’s enough natural light and at the same time, less distraction. Thus, it’s recommended to place the windows high along the wall, or you can attach curtains or blinds so you can loosen up in a peaceful manner.

The good thing about a music therapy room is that it will make you feel like you have your own home music studio.

66. Outdoor Living Space


Most pets are treated as part of the family. Thus, their well-being as well as their grooming become an important aspect of every pet owner. This also can be the starting point where owners can go and come up with their own pet grooming salon business to cater to this need.

Pet grooming salons are not much different from beauty salons and spas where humans go to for pampering. Generally, a pet grooming service includes: bathing, hair drying, trimming and styling, hair brushing, nail cutting, and even pet massage.

If you’re thinking about starting your own pet grooming business, a log cabin converted into a pet salon will make a profitable solution. With this, you can help make pets prettier by giving them a shampoo and hair trim, clipping their nails and styling their fur.

Although pet grooming is not an easy job and requires experience, if you’re an animal lover and have great people with skills, this business idea might be a good fit for you! 

Tip: It’s important to focus on the basic pet grooming service first when starting on your business. Feel free to add more options and even features as your business grows.

69. Architect’s Studio


Log cabin rentals are one of the best options for starting a new business, especially if you live in a popular area with magnificent views. You can use your log cabin/s for business as an Airbnb while earning extra income!

When the cabin is not being used for a long time, the act of renting it out is an effective tool to help you in offsetting the costs of owning it. You can customise the interior with a unique and homey design and allow people to experience nature in a beautiful log cabin Airbnb.

To maximise the feeling of space, you’ll want to stick to light, bright colours on the inside of the cabin. Whitewashed walls are a popular trend for modern log cabin buildings. The outside can be painted in any colour you fancy, or whatever complements around it.

71. Farmer’s Market Booth


Another small business option you can consider is raising bees for honey production. Beekeeping is a business opportunity with social, economic, and ecological benefits that only requires minimal time, labor and resources.

Beekeeping isn’t just about collecting honey. Getting to know your bees, including their behaviors and their response to the natural environment around them are part of this fulfilling career. Speaking of the environment, it’s crucial to provide your bees with the ideal setting for them to forage.

Don’t have a massive land for them to thrive? You can invest in a log cabin building and use the space to house your bees, and start a colony while earning money.

To ensure a more profitable business, you can rent your bees for commercial crop pollination, sell pollen, rear queen bees or sell bulk bees, or donate honey to a local food market or kitchen to generate a tax deduction.

73. Car Detailing and Electronics Repairs


Whether your goal is to start a small junk removal business, scrap collection service or another enterprise, you could also start a recycling service where you pick up items from homes, around the neighbourhood, or businesses and then sort those items for proper recycling in your own backyard space.

But with all the recycled mess, your garden will likely be filled with random items which eventually could lessen the value of your property. This is where a log cabin comes in handy. 

You can use the outdoor building as a working area where you can sort out the collected items without worrying about ruining the beauty of your backyard. Whether it’s a used clothes store, scrap metal collector, or junk collection service, a log cabin is a great start for your small recycling business.

76. Garden Getaway

What we like about garden buildings is that they can be utilised all year round. Regardless of the weather outside, you can sit undercover and in warmth to relax and enjoy the natural beauty of your garden.

Adding a hammock or a hanging chair can be your chill-out spot, making you feel cosy and relaxed in the comfort of your cabin getaway. You and your family can spend your summer hanging in the shade while reading, relaxing, and enjoying the fresh outdoor air.

What’s more, log cabins also make a fantastic, cosy hideaway when the cold weather begins to settle and the snow starts creeping into the weather forecast. For a better heat retention in the wintering months, insulation is key. 

You may also want to consider installing a heater in your garden building, though do bear in mind that this may require having electricity in your log cabin to begin with.

77. Spa and Massage Room


Whether you’re planning to take your content production up a notch or you just want to have your private space for your filming passion, setting up a studio to record high-quality contents from home may seem daunting at first.

Building a filming room from scratch may even require you skills that you might not have, or equipment you can’t afford. But if you have a log cabin, you can make your dream filming studio happen without breaking your bank.

Prepare your log cabin building by cleaning and tidying up the space. If it needs painting, you can opt for white to render a bright and clean filming space. As for the lights, natural lighting is very flattering and can drastically improve the quality of your studio and video.

If possible, instead of investing in a soft-box lighting, you can position yourself facing the window or consider adding more windows to the outbuilding. You can read this 100-cabin-transformation-ideas-82-pumkpin-patch

Pumpkin is a versatile vegetable that is packed with good amounts of nutrients, including disease-fighting antioxidants and high levels of Vitamin A and potassium. Pumpkins also make a wonderful addition to meal-time menus, such as pies, bars, and nut breads.

And if you’re looking for a new way to bring income to your small farm, you can start a pumpkin patch and grow seasonal squash for sale during harvest season, while providing your family a nutritious meal.

With a log cabin as your gardening companion, you can store all your pumpkin harvest there safely, or use the building as a walk-in store where people can go there, see your patch and buy them.

You can also add your other fresh harvest, or store your sweet corn, honey extracted from the beehive on your farm, and more. People, mainly gardeners and farmers, will surely enjoy looking around your pumpkin patch store, especially if you have an array of fresh and organic produce to offer.

83. Santa’s Workshop


The answer to your dream backyard coffee shop is having a garden building, then the rest is up to your barista skills. If you are a coffee lover and enjoys building mini structures, you can combine these two passions of yours with a log cabin coffee shop in your backyard.

Whether it is a private coffee shop or for starting a small business, making use of your current log cabin, especially if it is unoccupied, will lessen the manual labour unlike when you are building the building from scratch.

You can do a little makeover to the cabin, such as repainting, fixing the roof or gutter, installing tiles or changing the windows, to name a few. Then you can start adding the decorations like a chalkboard, mini tables and chairs, small fireplace, pastry display, and of course, the coffee makers and coffee essentials.

As the weather is getting nicer, drawing us out to enjoy the sunshine, this may be the perfect time to get more creative, and enjoy that comforting cup of coffee in your own yard.

87. Pottery Studio


Whether you’re a professional designer looking for a perfect space to organise your sewing materials and finished designs, or you just got your first sewing machine and you want to hone your skills—a log cabin can act as your dedicated spot to boost and stimulate your productivity and creativity.

A large log cabin with big windows can provide you enough space to display your latest creations as well as plenty of natural light and a sitting area for your customers. A small fitting room will come handy, especially if you have customers or models come in for fittings.

A small cabin building, on the other hand, is enough to store your sewing machines and other materials. You can also add a rack for your mini clothing line. This is also the ideal size for beginners alike.

Regardless of the size of your log cabin, consider investing in a sewing kit organiser to keep small items in place. At the end of the day, it is the small stuff that ends up making a big difference in workflow. So keep your sewing studio as neat and organised as possible.

89. Chemical Storage

One of the best ways to store chemicals safely at home is to put them in storage, preferably away from the kitchen or the kitchen sink—if possible, outdoors as long as you have a log cabin that is ready to use for storing.

Try to keep the chemicals you normally use at home to a minimum then the rest, mainly the flammable and toxic ones, in your cabin storage. Add shelves to organise everything in one place. If you will use containers, make sure you label everything.

You may also keep your spare cleaning essentials like gloves, mask and goggles, in the log cabin to free up the space of your kitchen sink. Also, do not mix or combine hazardous chemicals in one container as they can become more hazardous. Let alone the violent reactions like poisonous gases or even explosions that may occur.

Tip: Ventilate your log cabin as chemicals and their containers have the potential to release dangerous quantities of vapours or gases. These vapours quickly accumulate and present a considerable hazard if left unventilated.

90. Plant Gallery


Our homes can be chaotic sometimes—with kids playing around, cluttered space, to name a few—it is not just at leisure or accessible for entertainment. As much as we want to invite our family or friends over, there is no room for them to lounge.

This is where having a log cabin in your backyard come in handy. This type of garden building is too lovely to use it only for storage purposes. With its visual appeal alone, you can convert it into a hosting room where your guests can gather, sit, and enjoy a glass of wine in a peaceful environment.

You can decorate the space with homey decorations so your guests will feel cosy and homelike. Add televisions, comfy couch, dining tables and chairs, and a mini kitchen and bathroom to complete your hosting room set-up. Of course, do not forget some entertainment pieces like board games, Xbox, or DVDs for some movie marathon.

If possible, you can create a small bedroom in case some of your guests need to stay for the night.

92. Food Hut

There are a variety of ways to provide extra entertainment and awesomeness to your outdoor parties. Other than the infamous BBQ grill, which is something that a summer outdoor party would not be complete without, how about adding a mini food hut in the corner of your back garden?

If the log cabin’s space allows you, you can put the grill inside the food hut along with your cooking utensils, glassware, party essentials, and decorations. You may also add a menu board on the wall to give your fellow some hints on should they expect throughout the celebration.

Or maybe you are planning to start a street food catering business. A log cabin transformed into a food hut sure makes a cost-effective way to make your most exciting food scene and let people around get a taste of your latest pop-up kitchen dishes.

You can place it in the comfort of your backyard space, particularly if it is open and accessible. This is an excellent way to send signals to your neighbours that you have fresh dishes on the menus.

Or you can rent out a space near the park or somewhere with a large crowd to attract potential customers.

93. Barbershop


Have the ‘great outdoors’ keep calling for you and your family? Looking for low-cost ways to get away from the city and go on a little adventure with your friends?

Motorhomes or Recreational Vehicles (RV) can be your adventure companion and go for a long weekend break on whim. You don’t have to worry about where you and your family will stay because with an RV, you already know you have a roof, a dry bed, a place to eat and play while on the road.

But if an RV is out of your budget, you can put your log cabin on wheels instead and take that dream vacation! Transform your log cabin into how a motorhome works and build it with space in mind to provide enough room for the mini kitchen, dining area, bunk beds, and a room to store almost anything.

You can store perishable foods like canned goods, bottled water and sodas in the exterior cabinet along with everyday items, such as spare clothes, blankets, pillows, toilet paper rolls, and some cleaning supplies. Do not forget the camping and other outdoor equipment, including games and toys.

This task may cost you at first but it will be cost-effective in the long run. It won’t be easy building it from scratch too, that is for sure. So having professional help or expert assistance is recommended.

95. Little Marrakech

Marrakech is a peculiar yet stunning city that renders beautiful architecture and bright colours. Its history and culture are enough to allure people in the former imperial city.

No wonder why many people are starting to get inspired to decorate their humble homes that echoes the beauty of Marrakech. If you are one of them, what is stopping you from creating a Moroccan vibe in your garden? 

Brace the smell of spices in your garden and make yourself feel like you have entered another world by converting your log cabin into a little Marrakech! Furnish the cabin building with cushions, throws and wall hangings, and add a spot for meditation or even yoga to create a relaxing atmosphere.

Don’t forget the bohemian decorations, lanterns, patterns, sophisticated accents, and any pieces that can flawlessly execute the Moroccan decor trend. Is possible, invest in an Arabic and Berber carpets, display a Moroccon style teapots and teacups, argan oil and products, spices, scarves, and many more!

Trust us; this kind of log cabin transformation will give you a room to rejuvenate your mind, body and soul.

96. Country Pursuits

A den dedicated to country pursuits can be achieved with a log cabin. With all the mess gone from the house, you can finally dedicate time and space to you and your family’s hobby.

You can keep your hiking gear, fishing tackle, camping supplies, climbing equipment, and other outdoor essentials in the den. If you have some basic horseback riding equipment or your RV essentials, you can also keep them in the den.

Add storage cabinets, shelves or racks inside the den to display all of your souvenirs you got from each country you and your family visited. It could be leather goods, tea pots, laces, ornaments, a variety of postcards, whiskeys, wine, traditional masks, ceramics, just to name a few.

Seeing all your souvenirs in one place is a gratifying experience and a memorable way to remember all the places you visited, keeping the memory of your trip alive.

Since most of the mentioned equipment is quite expensive, security should be your number one priority. We recommend you to include a heavy duty sliding bolt and 7 level lock, and security screws.

97. Press Box

Garden buildings are so versatile that they can be even utilised in the sports fields. For one, as press boxes. The press box is where announcers and commentators go to oversee the game, and usually photographers and fingers as well.

Just like the sports dugout that we have talked about earlier, you can use your log cabin unit/s as press boxes. They make a great alternative to traditional press boxes and are ideal for small stadiums like high school football fields.

They can be built multiple stories high, as well, offering a great view of the field while providing extra space to have a garage below for commentators to park.

98. Winter Hideout


Dreaming of launching your own rocket and making your way into space? Work in NASA or maybe build your very own space task group? Whether it is a hobby or something that you believe will help you hone your wicked skills and expertise, then a backyard space station sounds like an ‘out of this world’ plan!

You can decorate the log cabin the way how the International Space Station (ISS) looks like or a NASA-inspired working place, or customise your own space station that will suit your needs. Add computer screens on the walls that show the view of the earth, control booths, and a  clear cabinet to keep your spacesuit.

A bookshelf will also look good to showcase your favourite science and math books, including some space-related books. You may also consider opting for a space cabin style for your home office!

Along with your typical office essentials, you can display a globe, an astronaut figurine, a picture of the solar system, or anything that will make you feel that you are in space—the possibilities are endless, so is the universe!

100. A Halloween/Spooky House

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